How To Get Permission For Corona Testing?


how to get permission for corona testing

Hey are you suspecting for being affected with covid 19? or have you been traced as corona suspected? Then do not panic. Just do the test for corona. I think you are worried about whether you need permission for corona testing or you make thinking about how to get permission for corona testing. 

Do not panic. In India and other countries like America (USA), UK etc. you don't need to get any permission. If you have been met with someone who have recently diagnosed with Covid 19 just go to the nearest Covid testing centre and enrolled yourself for free and get the permission for corona testing. 

In most of the covid testing centre in India they started enrolment for corona testing from 9.00 am. 

Is there any charges for Corona Testing? 

In India there is no charges for corona testing and enrollment for the post too in government testing centre. But unfortunately private testing centres all over the India started charges upto 5000 rupees per test. 
As per my experience it will be best to test at government covid testing centre rather than private centre.

Which type of corona testing method is best?

Every single person is little bit worried about which testing method will be best to confirm whether he is affected with covid-19 or not. There are three major testing process is available in India. 
The first and most accurate testing method is Rt-PCR method. This testing process may take 2-4 days to give you the result. 
Rapid antigen testing method is also very accurate and easy to access and get result very quickly. Rapid covid antigen testing method takes around 2-6 hours for the result.
The most doubtful testing method is the rapid antibody testing method. Yes it is the worst testing method. Now a days in maximum covid testing centre of india rapid antibody testing method is not performing. for rapid test antigen testing is conducted all over the India. 


I hope you have been cleared that there is rules to get permission for Corona testing. If you feel any symptoms of covid-19 disease just consult with your doctor or contact with the nearest health centre they will provide the location of government corona testing centre. Do not panic. Maintain hygiene and stay healthy. Thanks for reading this article. Do share if you feel helpful for your queries.   

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