Blender is a must needed components for each and every house. You need a good blender whether you are looking for delicious and smooth juice or for chopping the vegetables. Here is the best blender we are recommending you Ventray Blender Cum Juicer the Ventray Pro 600 High Power Professional Blender 1500 watt 8-Speed 5 Programs 68 OZ High Speed Mixer.

ventray pro 600 blender

Features Of  Ventray Pro 600 High Power Professional Blender: 

  • This Ventray Blender gives you highest rpm about 30000 with a very minimum noise. And this features makes it unique in this price range. Check the today's price
  • Its has a very awesome look with its digital button system and modern design. And also the jar it provide will make you feel really comfortable while you blending. 
  • It has 8 speed setting option buy which you can manage rpm as per your need. Ventray Pro 600 blender provide you 5 pre-programmed rpm setting for various daily necessary work like fruit juice preparation, spice blending, vegetable chopping, spinach chopping, etc. 
  • This model is made up of Japanese stainless steel body not a plastic body. This gives it a very glossy look.
  • This Ventray blender model gives you digital touch pad for your work. 
  • All materials are of FDA approved BPA free material to give most healthy juice for your overall diet.
  • 2 L jar that will ensure your family requirement. Jar has well designed handle for hassle free handling of the jar.
  • And most important and amazing features is that this Ventray Pro 600 Blender gives you 5 years warranty on its motor 
  • To ensure your safety Ventray Pro 600 blender gives you overheating protection.
  • This blender can use for fruit juice preparation, frozen fruit juice preparation and also hot soup preparation. 
  • It has temper tool that various $500 dollar blender like Vitamix or Blendtec did not have. This is the most interesting and unique features in this price range. 


If you want to buy blender under 100 dollar then I will advise you to adjust more 50 dollar. Because if you buy a cheap blender you will definitely be disappointed in many cases like noise, speed or material quality. 
Ventray Pro 600 blender will cover all of this concern so it will be best always to buy the pest product according to warranty, features and quality. 
So if you want to buy a blender cum juicer for your home then go fo Ventray Pro 600 blender today.
ventray pro 600 blender


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